The Women of Social Media

What they want. What they need. What they do.

Social media has permeated our lives and changed the way we do business around the globe. It has reached into our families, our relationships, and our spirits, invigorating the entrepreneur that lies in almost all of us.

The Pew Research Center reports that 75 percent of women (as opposed to 63 percent of men) who use the Internet regularly are also active on social media. The researchers at Pew call women the “low-hanging fruit” of social media and implore marketers to give them more attention when it comes to developing strategies and marketing campaigns.

Check out this enlightening infographic that details the activities of women who use social media.

Women IN Social Media


  1. Amy Tippins says

    Glad you enjoyed the blog. We look forward to sharing future stats and also check out our why have a “Digital Marketing Strategy” page….we will be constantly updating it with great information

    • Amy Tippins says

      It is crazy how much social media can cost a small business when they disregard it and it is not done effectively!

  2. says

    Interesting infographic. I am active on my personal Facebook account but it hasn’t been a tool for my business. Twitter has been really good and I need to join Pinterest (beyond my personal account) and Google+. It’s always hard to keep up with social media as it seems to be constantly evolving and their rules (looking at you Facebook) always changing!

    • Amy Tippins says

      Shannon, to date we have not been huge fans of any changes Facebook makes as it seems to be to the detriment of small businesses. If only we could stalk Mark Z down and have a come to Jesus meeting with him over it. Google+ is great for ranking! While Google+ is bit clunky, we think every brand should have space on a it!


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