Prominent Medspa Goes Into High Gear With RTL Digital Media




Revenue Increase in The First Year
New Patients Each Week
Revenue Growth Allowed Expansion from One to Four Locations
Annual Revenue Prior To Working With RTL Digital Media
Revenue After 12 Months Of Working With RTL Digital Media
Revenue After 24 Months Of Working With RTL Digital Media


A Medspa with a thriving business wanted to grow—and grow substantially. So they came to RTL Digital Media asking for ways to identify new clients and boost revenues from existing ones. The bottom line goal was to produce sales increases that were profitable.


As always, RTL Digital Media began with sound research. We assessed the company’s current marketing efforts, identified key demographic groups that were already being reached and differentiated elements in those groups that were not getting the client’s message. We then looked at how the client engaged its clients and prospects, and identified the factors that motivated these audiences to choose the client (and specific services).

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Once the research was complete (a relatively quick process), we crafted a multimedia program for the Medspa that made the business visible to new groups of clients—and enhanced its value to existing clients. Each of these avenues indicated an opportunity for solid revenue growth.

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Our team identified specific measurable communications tactics that could begin making an impact quickly, along with longer-term tools that could be used to further build and sustain growth. These included:

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Kelley Shaw

Creative Director

Bringing Ideas To Life

Kelley’s role at RTL Digital Media covers a spectrum of design and production functions, including animation, catalog design, and trade show design with an e-commerce focus. She puts extra energy and life into our clients’ projects.  She knows how to make design fit perfectly—and strategically—into an organization’s branding and messaging.

Kelley’s experience includes directing the creative and artistic vision for Geneologie, an online and catalog fashion resource.  In three years, she was promoted four times, leading the in-house promotional marketing efforts. She built the vision, strategy and delivery teams that focus on Direct Mail pieces including catalogs, apparel, packaging, and design production.

Kelley previously served in a designer capacity assisting Americasmart, creating product displays, and was an intern with Denmark Ad Agency, where she created presentations, print graphics, and branding packages. She has received awards for her designs and invests her personal time with charities donating artistic help, graphics, and mentoring.