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As I’ve learned in business, it’s all about relationships! Amy is by far one of the best partners to have on the media and marketing front. She’s helped build and design one of the best websites I’ve ever had to navigate, while monitoring my budget needs. While building and growing that area she also introduced me to other professionals in the business world that will help me grow and attain ever greater relationships. If you have stumbled upon or have found yourself lucky enough to consider working with RTL- STOP right here, go no further and waste no more time!! Good luck, and good job RTL!!

Josh Jarvis

My out-of-date website has now been replaced by an eye-catching, SEO optimized site. Our calls have increased so much that I had to hire another person to help with the business increase. Amy and her team did a great job. I’m thrilled with the results!

Lisa Matthews

Working with Amy has been a great. She is dedicated and attentive to her clients. She communicates extremely well to balance giving you what you want with making sure that what you want will actually be successful in terms of marketing algorithms. I cannot say enough good things about the time and effort she has invested and look forward to working with her into the future.

Kathryn Burmeister

I am so grateful to have been introduced to RTL Digital Media. They have helped some of my clients and business associated with logo design to launching a new website! RTL business approach is focused on understanding their client’s needs, goals and budget and they really knock it out of the park. I would not hesitate to refer my clients to the RTL team.

Renee T

We went from an outdated and drab website to one that reflects our company and what we do. Amy and her team helped us realize what we needed and made it happen. We are very pleased!

Angie Saavedra

A few months back I was referred to RTL Digital Media for management of my PPC campaign. What an awesome connection it has been!

A few years ago I bought a Bark Busters franchise and since then I have invested in multiple marketing efforts to grow my business which included running google ads. My ads success seemed to hit a plateau earlier this year and I knew I needed to find the right team to take over and really help me grow my business. At the time I was investing $1500 a month and averaging 10 new clients a month. The first month that RTL took over the budget was $750 and I had 11 new clients. The following months my budget has been $1,500 and they have averaged 15-18 clients a month. RTL was right when they said they could help me take my current marketing dollars and help them go further. Thanks, RTL!

Cody Murphy

RTL Digital Media is a 5 star company. Here is why: Before we used RTL Digital Media, we were not on the first several pages of Google, even though we are an excellent professional services organization. RTL Digital Media provided SEO services and provided marketing-related coaching. Now we are on the map and usually are number one on the Google search list. We have the new clients and new revenues to prove the effectiveness of Amy and her team. It feels good to be recognized for the quality of work that we provide. Bravo RTL Digital Media!

Diane Palmer

Thank you Amy and your team for coming to my website rescue! I am just kicking myself for beating my head against the digital wall for so long. You have been patient and flexible with my non-traditional work schedule and my total lack of know-how in this realm. I was once told, the very first hire in a new business should be a good accountant, and I still believe that. BUT I will expand on that thought by suggesting your second hire should be a web developer. I am so excited for the future you have helped me prepare for.

Amy Maddox

In 2016, I found out about RTL Digital Marketing at a networking meeting. At the time, I really needed to ramp up my medical practice’s traffic with new patients. There were a good handful of appointments opened every week.

Personally, I was growing my business the best I knew how to with doing networking meetings and treating my clients with the best care. In all reality, it wasn’t enough and I was overwhelmed thinking about what marketing efforts would be required to do that.

I decided to hire Amy and her staff with RTL Digital Media. She and her awesome team took the time to really learn about my practice, who our ideal patient is and what I had set as growth goals. RTL implemented a combined strategy using PPC and SEO and after a month or so, my calendar started to fill with patients who said they found us on google! Over the next few months I started seeing about 4 new patients a week and they were averaging a $350 purchase between eye exam and contacts/glasses. That was on average a $5,600 growth in brand new patient revenue per month. That is over a $65,000 new patient revenue growth per year with most of these patients returning for future appointments. Thanks to Amy and the entire RTL staff for providing us with some wonderful new patients we can care for!

Kyle J.

Towards the end of 2017, I recognized that if I wanted to reach my own personal business goals of franchising my MedSpa, I had to hire a professional marketing agency to be a part of my plan to go to the next level.  Prior to this decision, my marketing was coordinated by myself through multiple consultants working for multiple companies and the messaging was not consistent.  While I had built a strong brand, I knew that I was missing all of the pieces of the puzzle to really telling our story.

I did not have the time to manage the marketing nor did I feel like it was the best use of my time.  I needed to focus on strategically growing my business and seeing patients; I needed to leave the marketing up to the experts.

Through a mutual business acquaintance, I was introduced to RTL Digital Media and learned about the services they offered.  I found that RTL made me a top priority and really spent time getting to know my business and my staff.  They didn’t give me a boxed approach but customized a marketing strategy that had a huge impact on the growth of my business.  I work in a fast paced environment, and so I needed an agency that could keep up, and they did!

A few months into working with RTL I realized my phones were starting to really ring with new customers.  Around August, I realized that my average monthly revenue had increased by 33% and by December 31st, my revenue had increased by 90% for the entire year!

My business now is benefiting from an increased awareness of our brand, and we don’t have to work as hard to get new patients… we just work hard to keep them!  2019 is the year of franchising my business and we are kicking it off with the openings of 2 new locations.  We have all worked really hard to get to this level and I appreciate all that RTL Digital Media did to help us reach these awesome milestones.

Anthony B.

“RTL Digital Media knows their stuff! Their relentless, knowledgeable approach to fusing dreams with results ensured our success. And with amazing customer service, they took the stress of a big transition off of our shoulders.”

Eric H.

Amy and Brad with RTL worked extremely hard to keep me on track with developing our new website. They listened to my vision and executed it perfectly. They have been quick to respond to any questions or concerns we have had in regards to our website development. On top of their excellent customer service they also took an interest in our organization’s mission. They took time to get to know us and even connect us to individuals who could benefit from our services. We truly feel that RTL digital media is an integral part of our marketing and outreach strategy.

Hillary B.

In 2013, our family purchased Smock It To Me, a children’s clothing line.  Once we took over the website some from the prior owners we realized that some of the numbers had been inflated and in all reality we had a uphill battle on our hands.

I had no idea where to start to get our sales up and the idea of trying to figure out was overwhelming.

During that time, I happened receive a cold sales call from Amy with RTL.  During the discovery phase we started discussion conversion rate optimization AKA getting us more sales using the existing traffic of the website.  After a few calls and strategy session, we implemented 3 rounds of A/B Testing to increase conversion rate.  We saw an instant boost in sales.  Not long after we asked RTL to help us do some content development for email marketing and her team once again didn’t let us down.
At the end of the year, we reviewed our sales and they were up by 70% from the prior year!  Conversion Rate Optimization was the answer we were looking for that helped us start reaching our sales goals!

Nikki R.

When I was first introduced to Amy and her team at RTL Digital Media over two years ago, Emergent and its portfolio companies were in need of greater online exposure but we had no idea where to begin, nor the internal resources to do this on our own. At that time, Amy suggested and helped us implement and launch a digital media plan that integrated a new company blog page and inclusion on multiple social media sites. As part of this initiative, RTL writers were engaged (and continue) to provide the ideas and content for the majority of our blogs and updates; not an easy task given that we are in the highly scientific biotech business. When I later learned that RTL had expertise in website design and development, I quickly hired the team to revamp several of our company sites. Under Brad’s leadership, the RTL team delivered these newly improved sites in a very short timeframe and always within budget. RTL has been a “one stop shop” for us and I have been extremely impressed with the team’s diverse skill set, professionalism and ability to get things done. Under the direction of Amy and Brad, we have not only vastly improved our corporate image, but now have a cohesive digital media program that continues to grow our online presence and drive new visitors and potential partners our way.


RTL Digital re-designed my web site, knowhow401k.com in 2015. My original site was designed in 2000 and has gone through several re-designs and web design firms over those years. The RTL Team was proactive with me from the very start and continually stayed on schedule throughout the project.

I provided the team with my ideas for site structure and page copy. RTL provided me with examples and ideas to bring my vision alive. We collaborated well over the duration of the project and I found the team easily accessible whenever I had a question or comment.

I would recommend RTL Digital to consider for any future website re-design project.

Chris B.

I hired RTL Digital Media to create a new website for my automotive repair shop. The current website was very black and white, both in content and color and lacked function. The new website is outstanding! Amy Thorne and her team made that happen. I could not be more pleased with the results.

Amy is very knowledgeable in her industry. Her suggestions in conjunction with understanding and listening to our customers needs in the auto repair business made the transition from the old website to the new site seamless. Our experience with Amy was very professional and efficient. I would highly recommend RTL Digital Media for your website needs.

Gary Godwin

RTL Digital designed my website. I am proud to say this for a number of reasons. First and foremost, they have continued to implement new functions and adjust my site to meet the needs of my business and the clients I serve. For instance prior to the installation of the new patient on-boarding process over 50% of my new patient intakes resulted in no show appointments. Since the installation of this program I have seen a 96% reduction in new patient no shows. This has resulted in a decrease in overall administrative rescheduling and has significantly improved my overall work productivity. Many of my new patients have also commented on the efficiency of the new patient billing process.  Thank you RTL Digital!

Dr. Malcolm Anderson

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Kelley Shaw

Creative Director

Bringing Ideas To Life

Kelley’s role at RTL Digital Media covers a spectrum of design and production functions, including animation, catalog design, and trade show design with an e-commerce focus. She puts extra energy and life into our clients’ projects.  She knows how to make design fit perfectly—and strategically—into an organization’s branding and messaging.

Kelley’s experience includes directing the creative and artistic vision for Geneologie, an online and catalog fashion resource.  In three years, she was promoted four times, leading the in-house promotional marketing efforts. She built the vision, strategy and delivery teams that focus on Direct Mail pieces including catalogs, apparel, packaging, and design production.

Kelley previously served in a designer capacity assisting Americasmart, creating product displays, and was an intern with Denmark Ad Agency, where she created presentations, print graphics, and branding packages. She has received awards for her designs and invests her personal time with charities donating artistic help, graphics, and mentoring.