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19 Marketing Mistakes That Drive Customers Away



Chief Visionary Officer

RTL Marketing Mistakes

  1. Home page content layout is chaotic
  2. 90% of your blog content pushes product or services
  3. Not responding and answering customer’s questions asked via social media
  4. Social media content is only your content
  5. Social media content is always someone else’s content and never your own
  6. Not having a mobile responsive website
  7. Blog content being longer than 400-600 words
  8. Product descriptions for e-commerce sites being longer than 3-5 sentences
  9. Excessive content on your website
  10. E-commerce check out process being more than 3 steps
  11. Website images being grainy or blurry
  12. Website images being so large that it requires you to scroll down the page to see your product offering
  13. Daily promotional emails
  14. Out dated web design
  15. Emails that are not mobile responsive
  16. Not marketing to customers in a way that meets their needs
  17. Not reviewing your online reputation weekly
  18. Brand is formal, cold and lacks a unique and personable personality
  19. Not investing time or financial resources into marketing that builds loyalty with customers
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