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50% conversion rate is reason enough to implement marketing automation



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In the past few years, marketing automation has been all the rage for digital marketers and companies who are on the cutting edge of technology. 79% of top-performing companies have been using marketing automation for more than 2 years. (Gleanster, Q3 2013 Marketing Automation Benchmark, Aug 2013).  Smaller companies with limited resources are just starting to consider implementing it; others are not really not sure what “marketing automation” means when possibly being pitched by a marketing agency.

Here at RTL, we like to communicate in ways that (1) help you understand exactly what we are talking about in layman’s terms and (2) give you some information that might help you decide on if changes in strategy might be beneficial to company’s bottom line.  With that being said…

What exactly is “marketing automation”?

Marketing automation is setting up automated marketing campaigns triggered by your prospects and customers according to how they engage on your website.  In a nutshell, marketing to them according to what they are interested in without manual labor associated.  Need an example?  Notice how when you go onto Amazon website and you look at a book by a certain author and in the following days you get emails suggesting books by that author or genre?  That is marketing automation!

So, you ask yourself…what will marketing automation do for my business?  We thought that we would share with you 5 statistics that we think can stop you in your tracks and help you realize how it can impact your business.

If decreasing your employee’s workload while increasing marketing output and company revenue sounds like a good idea to you then maybe marketing automation is something you should consider adding to your strategy?  Take a moment to consider and then let us know how we can assist you in achieving your revenue goals!

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