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50 Things to Do To Increase E-commerce Conversion Rate



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Ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimization

  1. Show Top Selling Products On Your Home Page
  2. Offer multiple shipping options
  3. Minimal fields on checkout information as possible
  4. Zip code field auto populates city and state
  5. Provide trustworthy element on website
  6. Remove Captcha verification
  7. Call to action button colors is red
  8. Keep copy clean, tight and to the point
  9. Prominent shopping cart
  10. No forms on mobile website
  11. Offer guest checkout
  12. Use top conversion colors for targeted demographic
  13. Mobile responsive web design
  14. Auto populate shipping information
  15. Market to customers according to interest and past purchasing
  16. Call to Action text color different than other text on website
  17. Eye catching, stand out colors to bring attention to promotions
  18. Return policy on products prominently displayed on website
  19. Offer varying frequency of promotion emails
  20. High resolution, clean images on website
  21. A/B test placement of call to action buttons
  22. No other content should be displayed on checkout page of website
  23. Flat or free shipping policy
  24. Shopping Security Seal
  25. Search field for products
  26. Produce blog content that educates and doesn’t sell
  27. Giveaways
  28. High quality product instructional video
  29. Headlines using powerful action verbs
  30. Be direct and honest in content development
  31. Shopping Cart abandonment recovery implementation
  32. Remove sidebar ads (FYI, this will also help google ranking)
  33. Redesign website every 6 months to take into account change in user behavior
  34. Weekly email promotions
  35. Be HUMAN in brand development
  36. Revise website copy on a regular basis
  37. Offer live support
  38. Have a clear value proposition on website
  39. Clearly display prices (no unexpected charges)
  40. Limit the primary colors on your website to 3 colors
  41. A/B test colors for website
  42. Zip code marketing for brick & mortar stores
  43. Auto-populate type (Visa, AMEX, etc) of credit card based on card number
  44. Testimonials
  45. Offer free demo or trial period
  46. Edit home page content once week to keep it fresh
  47. Cross sell products, but don’t over cross sell
  48. Declutter, declutter, declutter…and declutter
  49. Whitespace around call to action button as it calls attention to it
  50. When in doubt, remove it from your website.
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