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6 secrets to digital marketing success

  1. Social Media. Don’t expect prospects to come to you. . . go to your prospects.  The only way to get to know your potential clients is to go and hang out online where they are!  Engage on Twitter with them, but DON’T be a product pusher.  No one likes a pushy person.  Have a social media strategy, share relevant content from multiple sources, get to know your potential prospects by engaging with what they have to share. As far as your content goes, talk about it no more than 20% of the time. Like a bad date, if you only talk about yourself no one will want to go out with you again. Or do business with you.
  2. Landing Pages.  Want to get your clients focused on a particular product?  Use landing pages.Landing pages take away all the distraction of everything else on your website and gives them no option but to act or not act on product offer you are giving them.  Chances are if they don’t act in that moment, then they never will.  You are offering them the “fish or cut bait” of product promotion.  And you will get a better understanding of who your clients are with landing pages.
  3. A/B Testing. User experience preferences change as technology advance.  Business should be constantly evaluating their user experience.  Want to know what is and isn’t working with your clients?  ASK without their knowledge!  A/B Testing gives true results for user experience. . .not what your customers/friends might think you want to hear.  Want to stay ahead of your competition? Test, test, test.
  4. Retargeting.  Continually retarget your customers!  One of the most significant under-utilized tools of online marketing is taking a prior customer’s online behavior and using it to present new purchasing opportunities.  According to Digital Information World:  Users who are retargeted are 70% more likely to convert.
  5. Streamlining.  Streamline your marketing strategy.   Traditional marketing and digital marketing should never be looked at as independent of each other.  The greatest efficiency and effectiveness come about when they are integrated in planning, execution and tracking.
  6. Analytics! Analytics! Analytics!  HOW CAN YOU KNOW if your marketing is effective if you are not tracking analytics?  Do we really need to say anything else?

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Junior SEO Specialist

Ann Jennith Fernandez

Junior SEO Specialist

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Ann began her professional career as a customer service representative. After outgrowing that position, she worked as a Virtual Assistant for a logistics and real estate company. Her keen interest in technology and natural ability to apprehend technological concepts and systems brought her to the RTL team. Ann’s work ethic and firm knowledge of SEO are greatly appreciated.

When she’s not working her SEO magic for our clients, she enjoys watching movies, reading great books, and spending time with family and friends.

Ann holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems.