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Case Study: Conversion Rate Optimization



Chief Visionary Officer

Result:  96% reduction in no show appointments
             $2,000+ increase in monthly revenue


One of our clients is a counselor/psychologist. His business is based, very simply, on his time. He has a substantial hourly rate for patient sessions, and he was facing a perplexing problem.

A 50% no-show rate with new patients.

Going into counseling is a big step for many people, and it’s easy to get cold feet at the last moment. But when this happens, our client faced a significant loss of revenue.

He couldn’t get his time back, so it was a loss for his business.  On average, the new patient no-show problem was costing him over $2,000 per month.

After assessing the process where a new patient came on board to his practice, we created a new onboarding procedure online. The system allows patients to complete all required forms (in a secure setting). We integrated this with a payment system that required new patients to make the first payment in advance.

The result?  No shows dropped by 96%, almost eliminating the problem. Because the first session payment was already made, the problem of lost revenue was gone.

And there were other benefits:  the online system significantly reduced the administrative time required for onboarding, which freed up more time to see new and existing patients, and further added to income.  Also, many patients who needed help were able to cross over the first big “hurdle” of counseling—getting started. And for our client, that was just as important as improving his revenue stream.

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