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Case Study: SEO for Accounting Firm



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Why An Investment In SEO Pays Lasting Dividends:   An ROI Of 777%!


One of our clients is a CPA firm, and as a part of its online strategy, we recommend an investment in search engine optimization, or SEO.

There were good reasons for this. First the accounting field is crowded, and keywords are common from one firm to another.  Basic SEO tactics may not have much of an impact in distinguishing our client from others. We needed to go the extra mile.

In addition, we needed visibility in specialized terms that matched some exclusive capabilities that the client firm offers. SEO gave us an opportunity to highlight these.

The most important reason for specialized SEO:  Viewers can’t read your site if they can’t find it.

So, when our client agreed to an SEO investment, we began with a thorough SEO audit and analysis.  From that, we developed a strategy of optimizing the website for speed, images, and carefully targeted metatags.

Once the initial SEO was finished, we took it a step further, with monthly website monitoring to fine-tune optimization on a page-by-page basis. In addition, we provided online business listing optimization, including Google My Business.  Blogging was also part of the client’s strategy, and we optimized blog entries written by their staff for more impact.

The result? A $5,400 client investment in SEO yielded an estimated $42,000 return.  In fact, one single client added from this program generates enough monthly revenue to more than pay for the SEO program.

And our client, after tax season, asked us to implement a Google AdWords program to build even more business.

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