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Conversion Rate Optimization Case Study: 53% increase in sales



Chief Visionary Officer

Results: 53% increase in sales and 381% increase in EBIDTA.

One of our clients, a family owned online apparel company, invested in A/B testing and website user experience optimization based on our recommendations which resulted in increase in year over year sales of 53% and EBIDTA of 381%.  Let’s look at how these results were achieved.

  • Menu item: We did A/B testing on the primary menu on the home page of the website. The original menu was disorganized and did not take the shopper directly to the inventory appropriate for which they were shopping.  A/B testing multiple primary menu bar layouts with a final layout resulting in 36% increase of shoppers moving past the home page to a products’ page.
  • Home page products layout.  There were zero product images on the home page to draw the customer into shopping.  We took some of their top selling products and A/B tested various layout options.  The final revision increased the home page click through by 79% which was a 2.78% higher conversion rate over the control.
  • We made the website mobile responsive
  • Subcategories of products: When a customer landed on the overall products page for male and female, all products were listed requiring the customer to go through dozens of pages to vew 100s of product items.  We implemented product subcategories on the general menu in addition to the landing page for each male and female designated products page.

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