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Do Yourself A Favor, Ditch Your Marketing Resolutions



Chief Visionary Officer

We’ve all set our new years resolutions by this point. Most of us may have even broken a few already! Regardless, we all have ambitions and goals ahead of us for the coming year. And our businesses are no different.

But, we can’t cash in on ambitions and goals unless they are achieved. Resolutions are great, but they do not have the best of reputations when it comes to being completed. That’s why we recommend building strategies instead of merely setting goals. And here is why:

1. Systems ensure forward progress

Systems give you actionable, achievable steps; not merely a target to shoot for without purpose. When you have a system in place, you know what to do today, tomorrow, next week and three months from now. Systems give you the direction you need to succeed in business. That’s why they are almost always successful.

2. Systems are measurable

Because we have steps, we now have something we can measure. A systems will provide your business with milestones and a measurable means of showing progress so you know just how well you are doing. A good systems will even predefine where you should be at any given point in the journey.

3. Systems are flexible

If a system is to be worth anything, it has to be flexible. If it were rigid, it would not be capable of getting you to where you need to be in an ever evolving business world. A good systems will anticipate detours and make allowances in advance to accommodate them. Giving yourself permission to alter your system when new information comes into play is critical to making it across the finish line.

We here at RTL Digital Media wish each and every one of you a Happy New Year and much success in 2015! We look forward to being part of your continued success.

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