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Five Reasons Why Conversion Rates Should Matter Most



Chief Visionary Officer

Conversion Rate OptimizationThe building blocks of an digital marketing strategy can be complex to say the least. Knowing when and how to react to changing trends can be overwhelming  on its own. Capitalizing on traffic once you get it on your site is a completely different problem that is often overlooked all together. When it comes to optimizing a marketing strategy, we prefer to start with the later first to make sure traffic is being converted efficiently and that ROI is as high as possible for every dollar spent attracting traffic.

1. It’s cheaper to increase conversions than it is to increase targeted traffic.

Many businesses often think the solution is more eyes on their product or service. But the problem is, if you increase traffic to an unoptimized site then you continue to receive a very low ROI on that traffic. But, if you focus on optimizing the traffic you already have, you can dramatically increase your revenue and ROI without investing a single dime in additional traffic generation.

2. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) drives sales from both organic and paid traffic sources.

Unlike many marketing techniques, CRO has universal value. It’s value is not limited to organic search traffic or PPC click throughs or visitors from your social media connections. CRO will add value to any traffic that is driven to your site immediately. No matter where you traffic is coming from, CRO can be designed to effectively and efficiently convert visitors into buyers.

3. Conversion rate optimization increases not only sales, but trust.

The core component of conversion rate optimization is trust. It’s about developing an environment that the client can self-diagnose their need and reassures them that you not only understand their problem, but are the right solution for them individually. When a visitor sees that your site is optimized specifically for their problem, it invokes an immediate rapport with the visitor and establishes your company as an authority in their mind.

4. Conversion Rate Optimization isn’t as fickle as traffic generation.

Once you have your site optimized, it is significantly less maintenance than generating a steady stream of traffic. Traffic has to be generated on a daily basis, where CRO is a longterm monitoring program that requires minimal over sight and only a modest ongoing investment. Traffic generation is so critical to your companies consistent growth, but it is something that demands the undivided attention of your marketing department in order to continue on that path. Once you have your site optimized, you can focus more on traffic and not have to worry about the daily grind on CRO.

5. Conversion Rate Optimization is simple to maintain.

Maintenance is critical to any marketing function. Many operations are extremely complex and require a fair amount of resources to maintain. CRO requires only minimal interaction on an ongoing basis once the program has been optimized. Basically, we just monitor conversion rate numbers and test elements on a quarterly basis to make sure there has not been a shift in the market we need to accommodate. And the great news about maintenance is that it is almost all software driven with minimal over sight by a member of your marketing team.

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