Mix Business and Politics

Five Reasons You Need to Mix Business and Politics

Back in the days of the ‘Wild West’ mixing business and politics was strictly prohibited in pubs and saloons. But that was then and ways have changed. Over the past few years, several large, global companies as well as smaller businesses have chosen to publicly and brashly shout their political views using their companies as the stage.

Competition is fierce out there and you might be considering jumping on this alluring trend. The superstar strategic team at RTL Digital Media created this handy list to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Five reasons to mix some spicy political views into your overall business strategy and marketing campaigns:

  1. You have too many customers. You’ve worked hard to grow your business and create a buzz around your brand, but constantly dealing with all those customers buying your stuff has become exhausting. If you need a break from all those people clamoring for your offerings, maybe it’s time to ostentatiously splash political slogans, color schemes, and flags associated with your political views. You may lose an astonishing swath of customers, but that’s no biggie. Once you’ve had enough peace and quiet, just get new ones!
  • Managing a growing income is hard. You’ve hired financial professionals to handle the accounting and those other boring tasks around managing profits, income, whatever. Who chooses that as a career anyway? Adding a highly charged semi-celebrity influencer to promote your brand while spouting political slang will definitely reduce all that cash rolling in. Slow the roll, burn the green, stop the flow by marrying your brand to a shockingly vacuous political influencer.
  • You’re longing to educate wrong-thinking people via social media. While you may truly believe your viewpoints are true and correct, many other people might not. You want to generously spend some of your working hours kindly schooling folks on Twitter about how they should think. What could go wrong? Better bring a pitchfork. it could get ugly, but it’ll be fun!
  • Politics is life. Some people bring work home, you bring politics to work. It’s like a hobby — a hobby in which you throw landmines everywhere, but still. Maybe you’re clever enough (as in, literally magical) to bring highly charged viewpoints into your business culture with no repercussions. Good luck with that!
  • You want your business to die. If you’re tired of owning a successful business and would rather it just wither away, then incorporating politics into your daily operations will do the trick. Then you’ll have plenty of time to travel all over for protests, watch your favorite 24-hour news cycles and volunteer for your favorite candidates.

Like oil and water, toddlers and matches, alcohol and texting, business and politics just don’t mix. All the world’s a stage, just don’t make your politics part of the play.

At RTL Digital Media, we don’t mix business and politics because our job is helping clients achieve high-octane growth using the most effective, proven digital marketing tools and customized strategies.


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