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Google thinks your non-mobile website is bad and is putting it in “time out”!



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Google is hot on the tail of small businesses who refuse to get with the times and make mobile searching friendly for customers!

As of TODAY, small businesses that do NOT have mobile responsive websites will experience a significant impact on their search engine ranking.  So what is a “mobile responsive website” really mean?  Let me break it down simply, if people can’t read or click on the links of your website from their phone then you have a problem.  Do you have to pinch the screen or open it up to make it easier to read? Your website is NOT mobile friendly (Houston, we have a problem).  Note: your website can look beautiful on your computer, but it can still fail the test of mobile responsive on what you see on your cell phone and your ipad!

Now, not only is your potential customers going to punish you for not being mobile friendly, but google is going to be giving you a slap on the hand for it as well.  No matter how many dollars you through at SEO, nothing will fix the pain of losing your ranking until you fix your website.

Wondering if your website is mobile friendly?  Try google’s mobile friendly test here.  If you fail, fill out of contact us form below and let us help you get your website converted and back up and ranking for the wonderful services and products you provide for your client base.

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