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How To Make Your Imagery Work Better

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words? But how much is it worth in dollars?

The answer—quite a bit. Because the graphic content of your organization and brand goes a long way toward giving viewers a positive perception of who you are.

According to researchers, imagery on your website is the first stopping point for the eyes of your readers. And how they perceive your graphic information determines whether or not they continue to be engaged. Studies show that the proper placement of graphics on a web page may affect readership by as much as 40%. So the photos, logos, and other visual elements you select can make an enormous difference in readership, response—and your bottom line.

RTL Digital Media works closely with our clients on visual elements. For clients who already have established graphic style guides, we make sure your style is properly incorporated into our work, so it complements other communications.

If you need design help, then our team of artists and web specialists can create elements that get attention and convey the professionalism and personality of your organization. We routinely provide our clients with design help for logos, branding, website mock ups, direct mail, literature and collateral materials, retail signage, and other visual arts.

Then we make sure that your graphics are optimized for online use, especially across different devices, so the people looking at your site on their phones have as good an experience as people viewing in on a large computer screen.

And we use our experience in different media—websites, banner ads, e-mail, and other applications—to make “fine-tuning” adjustments so your graphic content works its absolute best in different situations.

Want to learn more? Let’s talk about how we can enhance your graphic content—and its power for building your business. Just click here to get started.

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