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Has Google designated your website the ‘hood?



Chief Visionary Officer

Recently, Google released some updates to their search algorithm that has impacted small businesses in a not so gentle way.  Actually, why am I even saying “recently”….google is doing that all the time, but often times they are not so forthcoming with when and how the algorithm will be changed.  Post Mobilegeddon, Google turned up the heat again on businesses requirement to focus on quality in order to rank.

Google’s heavy hand on quality control of content on top ranking websites is becoming more and more brutal against businesses whom have relied on spam activities to drive traffic to their websites.  As the ranking algorithm refinement continues the hours that marketing managers need to spend on producing valuable content is increasing.  Many businesses, small and large have felt the impact of this algorithmic change in their website traffic and wallet already.

How does high quality vs low quality compare?

Google algorithm quality update

  • If you are a business that offers some type of advertising space on the sidebar of your website then stop! Yes, I understand that you are making money, but in the end Google counts this against your quality score.  Sidebar areas need to offer valuable complementary and relatable information to your industry or maybe one or two call to action buttons.  While sharing links to from your website to another website is not bad, it needs to closely relate to the reason your audience came here.
  • Don’t ever ask anyone to see your “AMAZING VIDEO”! Click baiting is a major issue for spam based website.  Website using “You won’t believe this miracle…” to drive viewers to website has now become a big no-no.
  • Offer strong value in content or don’t offer content at all. If your blogs on web content is only one or two paragraphs with zero take away more than “call us to schedule an appointment” then don’t publish unless you want Google to come down heavy on your quality score.  Web content should not be viewed as an opportunity to pitch your service, but as a platform to educate individuals on your industry.  Blogs offering up self-serving content will have the exact opposite effect of what you want it to.
  • Bad design remains a top culprit (Mobileggedon) of the Google takedown of your ranking. If your web design has not been addressed in the last few years then sit back and wait for the pain to begin.
  • Spam comments are a sign of the wrong kind of visitors! If your website is only attracting and displaying spam comments then google will be watching you like a hawk.  Spam comments reflect little to no healthy traffic and engagement from your target market.

When sitting down to decide what type of content is quality close your eyes and imagine your website is a street.  Is your website the bad part of town or the good part of town?  In the good part of town you don’t see a ton of billboards instead your eyes are drawn to beautiful designed shopping centers in areas that make you feel safe.  You get the sense that the city (marketing team in your case) has poured money into maintaining the value of the area in order to maintain the infrastructure of the community and its safety. No, it wasn’t cheap, but in the end it attracts a higher spender and individuals who will return time and time again to work/play/live in that area.   Are you the city that invests in your community to maintain its integrity or are you the ‘hood?

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