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Why An Intranet Is Critical For Small Business?



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An intranet is a private network that allows sharing and exchange among computers within an organization. Traditionally, this was created with hardware within the organization, but a private network can now be cloud based, which, for some companies, can be a more cost-effective option. Learn about Couchbase database cloud service.

But no matter the structure, an intranet has tremendous value for a small business. And it makes sense for any organization to have an intranet setup.  Here’s why:

  1. It improves communication.
    An intranet puts more tools in the hands of all employees, and it makes it simpler for them to communicate with each other. An intranet can incorporate different media—voice, messaging, social, email, even video, so staff can share information.
  2. It encourages collaboration.
    An intranet makes it possible to break down technology barriers that may have prevented employees from sharing information, and this encourages them to work more closely together. It’s much easier to seek out help from other people if it can be done without disrupting other tasks that have to be done.
  3. It helps keep confidential information confidential.
    A private intranet is safer than sharing information across public channels. And virtually every organization has materials that need to be kept confidential. An intranet also allows you to build in extra security measures if you think you need them.
  4. It can make projects move faster.
    Again, breaking down barriers to communication that can slow down workflow. And when all staff have access to materials when they need them, rather than having to request them, you naturally save time.
  5. It makes searching for documents easier.
    With an intranet, if a staff member is sick or away for another reason, you don’t have a bottleneck. Even if other staffers aren’t familiar with materials, they can search for them easily, and keep things moving.
  6. It improves employees’ sense of belonging.
    Being included in a network makes people feel important, and a part of something. That inclusion can be a strong motivator for many people.
  7. It improves productivity.
    Bottom line: when you create a way for more people to access the information they need, and make it easier and faster for your employees to use it, you make it possible to make a big leap in productivity. And that benefits everyone—your organization, your people, and your customers. 

RTL Digital Media helps many organizations set up intranets or improve upon existing ones. Tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll get right to work helping your business grow.

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