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Investing in content marketing-Why it is a winning strategy



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Like it or not, business owners, digital content marketing sells your products and services.  Technology holds the key to business growth, whether it’s business-to-business or business to consumer.

Sixty-one percent of consumers feel better about a company that delivers informative content. Relevant, informative content heavily influences the purchasing behavior of site visitors.  Research proves that prospects prefer to purchase from companies that deliver value added content to the general public.

Frequently, business owners believe that blogs are only effective with the general public when in fact, companies that sell business-to-business generate 67% more leads through blogging.

The need for content development is a no brainer if a company wants to hold onto its market share of business, let alone grow their business. Content development, strategy development and SEO activities can suck up hours of valuable time and still miss the mark because of lack of digital marketing knowledge.  More and more, businesses lean on digital marketing agencies, such as RTL Digital Marketing to develop winning strategies.


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