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Normally, we write about content marketing, social media, or other things associated with running a digital marketing agency. But today, we step away from the norm to honor one of our clients, Emergent Technologies, Inc.

Based in Austin, Texas, Emergent innovates breakthrough technologies that address the world’s most critical issues. Amy and I are honored to work with the Emergent team. They’re fresh, creative, and driven to liberate technology and unleash promising ideas into game-changing real world solutions. Now, if that’s not a reason to admire and love them, I don’t know what is.


Real Solutions to Real Problems

Check out just three of the many areas in which the Emergent team is currently conducting research:


  • Breakthrough technology for Type I Diabetes. Portfolio company, Caisson Biotech, LLC, has patented a heparosan-based drug delivery technology designed to greatly improve the performance of drug compounds in terms of safety, tolerability, efficacy, and quality. What does all that mean? For one, this technology helps prevent the development of immunity (called immunogenicity) to insulin therapy in diabetes patients. This is a serious problem for people with Type I Diabetes. The technology has potential to eliminate this threat. It also holds promise in other core therapeutics, including Crohn’s disease and many other inflammatory syndromes. Read more.
  • Pure Transplant Solutions. For organ transplant patients, Emergent’s soluble HLA cross-reactive antibody screening assay offers a more precise and effective way to ease organ transplantation and greatly reduce incidence of rejection. The technology will likely have a positive impact on autoimmune diseases, such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, MS, Lupus, and Type I Diabetes.
  • Advanced wound care. Portfolio company, Auxano Biomedical, LLC, is developing technologies for more effective management of chronic wounds. Current research focuses on diagnostics, infection control, biofilm eradication, and therapeutics.

Emergent’s work in these and other technologies have great potential to positively impact society on a global scale. In fact, our own Amy Tippins had a lifesaving liver transplant 21 years ago. Perhaps, one day, Emergent will develop a technology that eliminates any fear that her body may one day reject her liver.

A number of population groups frequently deal with chronic wounds — from diabetics to those with sickle cell disease and others. More effective therapies and diagnostics can mean the difference between losing and keeping a limb, or life and death.

Because of the heparosan-based drug delivery technology, Type I Diabetes patients may no longer have to worry about having a life-threatening immune response to their insulin therapy.


Emergent Needs You!

We’re proud to report that Emergent’s portfolio company, Caisson Biotech, recently received a prestigious nomination from the 2014 Buzz of BIO headquarters. They’ve been nominated in the Technologies of Tomorrow category, but need your vote to move from nominee to victor.

It’s simple to vote and, unlike in our governmental elections, you can vote for Caisson everyday through April 22nd.

  1. Go to the Vote for the Buzz of BIO page.
  2. Fill out the Cast Your Vote ballot by choosing Caisson Biotech (listed alphabetically) under the Technologies of Tomorrow list. You’ll also have to make a choice for Pipelines of Promise. Vote for your favorite.
  3. Fill out your name and other info.
  4. Wait for confirmation email and verify your email address.

Take me to the voting booth now!

Optional: After you vote, come back here and tell us you did it in the comment section. IF Caisson wins, we’ll put the names of everyone who helped in a drawing for a cool prize from Amy and me. You won’t regret it!

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