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Marketing automation: It is the Miracle-Grow of Small Businesses



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10 Reasons you should be incorporating marketing automation into your marketing plan

25% of Fortune 500 B2B companies have adopted marketing automation. – ClickZ Fortune 500 B2B Adoption of Marketing Tools study (2013)

Of the top performers in B2B 69% use Marketing automation for Customer acquisition and 50% for Customer Retention-ACT-ON and Gleanster Research “Rethinking the Role of Marketing “ (2015)

Marketing automation high performers have an average lead-to-sale conversion rating of 1.6x the average rate of all others. These high performers rate cost of customer acquisition (COCA) 1.4x stronger –PR20/20 “Marketingscore report” (2014)

B2B marketers who implement marketing automation increase their sales-pipeline contribution by 10%.-Forrester Research “The Forrester Wave Lead-To-Revenue Management Platform Vendors” (2014)

Companies using marketing automation see 53% higher conversion rates from initial response-to-MQL and a revenue growth rate that is 3.1% higher than non-users. – Aberdeen Group “Marketing Lead Management Report” (2012)

88% of top-performing companies are effective in routing “hot” leads to Sales vs. 57% of All Others. –Aberdeen Group “State of Marketing Automation 2014: Processes that Produce” (2014)

58% of top-performing companies (defined as those where marketing contributes more than half of the sales pipeline), have adopted marketing automation. –Forrester Research, Gauging Your Progress and Success, Dec 2013

Companies that use marketing automation are 3 times more likely than companies without automation to track and attribute their content-marketing efforts to multiple touchpoints (36% to 11%). –The Lenskold and Pedowitz Groups, 2013 Lead Generation Marketing Effectiveness Study, Nov 2013

Among B2B marketers, the #1 benefit of marketing automation is generating more and better leads. Additionally, 75% of the companies using marketing automation implemented their platform in less than 6 months. –Pepper Global, Marketing Automation Trends Report 2014, Sep 2013

Marketers who have adopted marketing automation suggest that the biggest benefits are:

Taking repetitive tasks out of marketers hands, so they can work on other projects (36%)
Better targeting their prospects and existing customers (30%)
Improving customer experience (10%)
Better email marketing (9%)
Reduction of human error (8%)
Lead management (4%)
Multichannel marketing (3%)

Marketing automation answers the question of how to nurture leads when time and resources are limited.  Small businesses live and breath by sales leads, returning customers and market share growth and can’t afford not to implement marketing automation as part of their sales strategy.  A single campaign has the capability to reach thousands.  Automating lead nurturing increases employee efficiency, saving the company thousands while increasing their close ratio.

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