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SEO: Why You Shouldn’t Do It Yourself



Chief Visionary Officer


Some things are great DIY projects—that plant bed in front of the house. A new office bookshelf.

But not SEO.

Search engine optimization is complex, with lots of different, interactive elements. When you fix one thing, you may break another. So we don’t recommend trying SEO on your own.  

SEO Company Edinburgh shares a few reasons why:


  1. It’s a moving target. Search organizations are constantly changing algorithms (often to fix end runs and workarounds created by DIY SEO) so that they provide the most accurate results. So if you do your own SEO, you have a constant learning curve.
  2. You won’t be objective. Emotion and ambition can negatively affect your rankings. For example, you may believe that in two years, you will be tops in a particular field or expertise.

    But you’re not there now. And if you try to structure your SEO to claim you are, you could actually hurt your business. Sure—if you have a goal, your SEO should help drive you toward it. But you have to walk a fine line, and that’s where a pro can help.
  3. Your time could be better spent elsewhere. Proper SEO takes a lot of time, and it’s not something you do just once. You can potentially do what an SEO specialist can do, but the specialist can do it in a fraction of the time.

    Would your time be better spent running your business? Compare the cost of a professional SEO program with the potential revenue gain for your company. Which puts you ahead?


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