Connection Between Website Design and Your Target Market

The Connection Between Website Design and Your Target Market

How to design your website around your target audience

Do you understand the crucial relationship between website design and your target marketing? Successful digital marketing requires more than just a slick-looking, fast loading website. The site design itself speaks to each person who visits and interacts on your site. Customers gain both a conscious and unconscious understanding of your business and the value it can potentially give them.

Website design speaks and the message is all in the details

A great website that attracts and converts one target audience may turn off another audience. When you think about it, this makes perfect sense. The Maserati website should absolutely must look and feel entirely different from the Lego website. The target audiences are not at all the same. 

These companies identify a target market for their products by researching demographics of their existing customer base. Once they’ve determined the audience most likely to have an interest in their products, they design a website with specific details that appeal to this specific population set. This comes down to user experience (UX), which drives conversions and client satisfaction.

How to connect web design to your target audience

The first step to connecting web design to your target audience involves collecting as much detailed information about the audience as possible. Collecting and analyzing this data will give you a much better understanding of your target market. And it’s about far more than just knowing where they live, their age group, and these high level details. While you certainly need to know these this, it’s just as crucial to drill down and explore the finer details. 

The finer details may include information such as whether your target audience has a family? Are the children very young, or are they teenagers? What activities do they engage in during free time and on the weekend? How do they prefer to communicate: texting, email, or phone call? Do they travel a lot? Is this for business, pleasure, or both? These represent only a few examples of the more intricate details that will help flesh out your understanding of your potential customers.

Identify other brands your target audience may enjoy

Learn about other companies your target audience already has a relationship with. This can include direct competitors or businesses that simply offer products your audience demographic enjoys. For example, if your target market values luxury vehicles, perhaps they frequently buy after market car accessories from another company. 

Which direct competitors are likely to attract those in your target market? The important thing to learn about this is ‘why?’ The answer will help you identify things that already appeal to them. Consider accentuating some of these things in your website design. 

An example of this might be dog training businesses. They often accentuate the idea of having fun outdoors with your well-trained dog, around other dog owners using imagery — like social time for both furry friends and their owners. You don’t necessarily need to copy this by adding very similar images to your site. Rather. it will help you understand that your competitors are trying to relate a certain spirit of community between pet owners and familiar love between pets and their human owners. You can come up with original ways to convey this message to website visitors. 

Use this information to highlight your company’s unique offerings that bring value to your target audiences lives. Tailor your website to include the aesthetics and user experience the audience craves while showing that you offer the things they want.

Develop a solid digital marketing strategy

In today’s online business world, you must develop a digital marketing strategy that appeals to your target audience by grabbing their attention and encouraging interaction. This brings up the idea of a cohesive brand experience — a great user experience across all common devices: desktops, mobile phones, and tablets. 

Ensure that your website design is mobile-friendly in such a way that it carries the underlying message and appeal of your brand regardless of the device a potential customer uses. It all comes down to a stellar web design, optimized for user experience by connecting aesthetics and functionality. This sets the online aspect of your business up for success and creates an environment that drives conversions.

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