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The Moving Target That Is SEO



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Search Positioning Never Stops. And Involves Lots Of Moving Parts.


Twenty years ago, page one battles were waged over placement in newspapers. And while there are still a few print dailies and weeklies where a page one placement can mean big things, TODAY’s page one battles are fought over search placement.

The stakes are high, and typically, the competition if fierce. Depending on your business and how active your competitors are, it can be daunting to maintain a high search placement without a major investment.  If you’re in a crowded industry or product category, it may be virtually impossible with a significant paid investment.

But—there are numerous things you can do to boost your search position. Both for now and in the future.

Recently, we worked with a client who was having significant difficulty with SEO and website function—so much so, that prospective customers couldn’t locate the business. But fixing search wasn’t just a function of search itself. It required fixing the structure of the website so that we could implement effective SEO.

And when we fixed the website, we created a much improved user experience for viewers and created better, longer engagement.

Which in turn boosted SEO.  Ultimately, it got our client to page one in search. Sales exploded, and we had a very satisfied client.

But this would never had happened if our focus had stayed solely on “search.” Our SEO efforts were a critical part, but they could only take us so far. We also had to involve site design, graphics, user experience, and lots of measurement and evaluation of each of these elements.

Because combined, they were much more powerful than they would have been by themselves. And together, they made a powerful difference on our client’s bottom line.

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