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How to turn social media into sales success



Chief Visionary Officer


Social media, remains the nemesis of every business owner when it comes to dealing with employees and time management issues.  Now days, so many employees waste time tweeting about what they had for lunch or checking out grandma’s video of her kitten who remained near death until “a miracle happened”.  Ok, I digress, but the point remains that a plethora of hours in the day are spent on social media not working, but playing.

So, how does a CEO turn wasted social media play into activities that pay?  Teaching your employees to view social media as a prospecting tool is critical to sales success in the digital realm.  While tweeting and posting is fun, rules and savvy must be applied for using digital platforms to farm new business prospects.  Let’s look at some ways to use social platforms as sales tools.

(1)    Twitter:  Engagement is key to social success, but how do you take social chatter to potential client encounter?  For starters, stop talking about yourself and talk to and about the people and companies you want to obtain as new clients.  Share the content relevant to your target audience in addition to actively engaging your prospects.  Twitter is a great way to connect with new people, but only if you take it slow – much like you would on a first date.  Respect your prospect so that they can respect you in the morning!

(2)    LinkedIn:  LinkedIn is the cat’s meow when it comes to connecting with senior executives.  Gone are the days of not being able to get Joe Smith on the phone.  Most senior executives are on LinkedIn and, for the most part, will accept your invitation to connect.  Keep your profile up to date with recent projects, new skills and awards. Share articles pertinent to your industry and sooner vs later, you will get noticed by Joe CEO!  Don’t forget that you are also on the other end of that connection.  Check out who you are connected to on LinkedIn and send them an email with a request for a meeting.  LinkedIn remains one of the best platforms to connect with decision makers.  If you live by the phrase of “Never Eat Alone” then your book of business will be thriving before you know it.

(3)    Facebook:  Facebook fans, beware!  I stalk you for new business.  Indian chiefs, do you provide a B2B service or a B2C?  If your services support the needs of the individual market then don’t fear sending your Facebook connections an email asking for a meeting or offering a “friends and family discount” for coming into your store locations.  The best advocate for your success will always be your current customers.

Digital marketing platforms remain a fertile ground of new business relationships.  When handled correctly social can turn into sales success.

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