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Vlogging: How it can increase your SEO and your sales!



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Why You Should Be Vlogging

Video blogging, or vlogging, can be a powerful communications tool for building a brand or selling products or services. It’s been estimated that nearly three-quarters of all new web content in 2017 was video, and as video becomes more popular and prevalent in search, there are compelling arguments for developing vlogging content.  Here are some things to consider:

Vlogging Will Help Your Search

Video content can improve your search rankings, especially if you work the SEO properly.  Pick a name for your vlog that clearly indicates the content, and write detailed descriptions for each entry. Longer videos (five minutes plus) can get more SEO play than shorter ones.  But be careful—go too long with the video and you could lose your audience. A good strategy is to mix video lengths.

People Are More Likely To Buy A Product If They’ve Seen It On Video

Research suggests that customers are up to 63% more likely to buy a product if they’ve seen in in video. Video provides the ability to demonstrate features, not just tell about them. And if the product user in the video is enthusiastic about it, this interest often gets transferred to viewers which is a combination of marketing and great web designer for roofing websites to upgrade the look and vies of your Vlog or business.

You Likely Have The Technology To Vlog At Your Fingertips

Most smartphones are capable of capturing high resolution video, and there are numerous video editing tools available (many free). In fact, last year the sitcom Modern Family shot an entire episode for national broadcast using only iPhone video.  There are also plenty of tutorials available that can give you tips and tricks for improving the quality of your video. And understand that you may not need to be perfect in your presentation: depending on your profession and your engagement with your audience, a little bit of a “homemade” feel to your videos may enhance their authenticity and believability.   Important: DO get a tripod. Jerky video (unless purposefully used for effect) detracts from your message.

Video Is More Likely To Go Viral

If you can “wow” your viewers with video, then you’ve increased your chances of having a post go viral, something much more difficult to do with other types of blog content and using a SEO agency strategy can also do great things with your video content. A great recommendation is to review the wordpress theme and plugin detector by seotoolscentre.

You May Find That Video Makes People Interested In Your Other Content

This is especially true if you have a product or service that’s technical in nature or that takes a little more effort to understand. A viewer who has started to learn about you but found it too complicated and abandoned the effort could become re-interested if a video makes it simpler to get basic knowledge about you.

Like any type of blogging, commitment is key for vlogging. You have to be willing to adhere to a schedule of consistent entries so that your audience comes to anticipate your entries, and so that you can build a consistent message. RTL Media can help you formulate a strategy for vlogging that will support your other marketing and branding goals. For some ideas, simply click here to set up a phone discussion to get started.

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