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If Your Website Isn’t Secure You Could Be Losing Good Prospects.



Chief Visionary Officer

Coming in October, Google Chrome will be posting “website is not secure” for ALL websites where any data is entered (such on a contact form) that does not have an SSL certificate.

Think about what happens when you see a “website not secure” notice when surfing? How quickly do you bail on that page? If you’re looking to buy something, you run to a competitor, right?

If your website isn’t secure then you are at risk of being punished by the Google gods!  RTL Digital Media would be happy to install an SSL certificate for you to make sure your clients and prospect’s data is protected.

And, just in case you needed another reason to have an SSL—having an SSL gives your Google ranking a slight boost!

Our goal is to make sure your website is safe and working FOR you—not against you.  If you’d like our help getting your SSL installed, just let us know and we’ll have in done promptly.

So you can be secure in the knowledge that your website is secure.

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