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Will your business fail on Cyber Monday?



Chief Visionary Officer

As E-Commerce businesses enter the most profitable time of the year, retailers can no longer ignore the mobile shopper.  Mobile purchases were up 13-29% for 4 different product categories in 2014 including apparel.  Small business retailers must work hard and efficiently now in order to be ready for Cyber Monday in order to meet customers needs and maximize profits.

Most small businesses ignore the mobile shopper.  They rely strictly on website and in-store sales; discarding the low hanging profit fruit in front of their eye.  Year over year, these same businesses see a loss in sales during the holidays, but refuse to admit it is their own failure.  As a business owner, you need to ask yourself if this is who you have become as a leader?  Are you ready to embrace the digital changes in the holiday season or are you going to fail again this year?

Check out this infographic from PFSweb which reviews the statistic on mobile shopping for Cyber Monday 2014.  Are you ready for 2015?

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